Anatomy of a Brand Pack

The Brand Pack is a zip file comprising a logo folder and a PDF brand guide.

Logo Folder

Within each folder are three subfolders, categorized by file extension: PDF, PNG, and SVG.

  1. logo-color.ext: Colored version of the logo.
  2. logo-white.ext: White version of the logo.
  3. logotype-color.ext: Colored version of the logotype
  4. logotype-white.ext: White version of the logotype.


The Brand Guide PDF file contains the following informations
  1. Color Palette: Brand colors
  2. Logo construct lines: How to draw the logo ?
  3. Logotype construct lines: How to draw the text logo ?
  4. Logo misuse: Logo design mistakes
  5. Fonts: Different fonts for titles and text

Fonts Folder

The font folder contains the different fonts of the brand in truetype format